Q. Can my long hours in front of the computer hurt my eyes?
A. No. Long hours in front of a computer screen cannot damage your eyes. It can cause eye strain and eye fatigue but the computer screens usually do not give off any harmful rays( or if they do, it is at a very minimal level).

Q. How can I prevent eye strain?
A. Usually, if you are spending many hours in front of a computer screen, you should do the fallowing:
•Get An adjustable chair
• Adjust the lighting so that there is no glare on your computer screen
• Make sure your computer screen is about 20-25 inches away from your eyes and at eye level (or slightly lower).
• Purchase a glare screen to place in front of your screen if the light in your office is beyond your control to change
• When copying a document, use a document holder so that your eyes are not forced to change their focusing power each time you type a new line.
• If your eyes continue to be dry or tired make an appointment with an optometrist to check your vision.

Q. What is all the hype about UV rays?
A. UV rays definitely damage your eyes. Damage caused by the suns harmful rays can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration. Sunglasses are very important for the continued health of your eyes. They help filter light and protect your eyes from the damaging rays. Adults and children alike should wear sunglasses that filter ultra violet rays by 99-100.

Q. What should I bring to my eye exam?
A. Bring your most recent prescription if you already have one (or if you are going to a new doctor). List any medications you are taking as some affect your vision. Bring your glasses and contact lenses with you. Don’t forget to bring a list of any concerns you may have  to share with your optometric physician.

Q. How do I know what type of lenses and frames are best for me?
A. After your eyes have been examined, an optician will work with you to find the right frame for the shape of your face. They will ask you questions about your lifestyle so that they can fit you with the best lenses and frames to match. They will review with you the different types of lens coatings (such as AR anti-reflective coating and Polarized lenses). It is important to share with them the activities you enjoy to do and the type of work you do so that they can give you the right pair of prescritption glasses and or sunglasses.

Q. What happens if the screw that connects the stem to the frame is loose?
A. Many times when glasses are taken on and off over time or if they are worn on top of the head they will stretch out and cause the screws in the hinges to back out. Try tightening the screws and putting a small dab of clear nailpolish on the screwhead. Be careful not to put it on your eyeglass frame as it may damage the finish. You may also come into any of our stores and we will be happy to adjust them for you.