Eye-Systems was founded with the Swissflex eyewear brand in 1998, is headquartered in Chur (Switzerland) and is led by owner Markus Caviezel. Eye-Systems is a pioneer and leader in the processing  of high-Tech polymer materials for spectacle frames. The goal of Eye-Systems is to maximize wearing comfort. The Swissflex eyewear brand is protected by patents and has won several design awards.

Since its foundation, Eye Systems has been a worldwide pioneer in the development and manufacture of high-tech polymer eyewear offering supreme comfort and well-being.

This has given rise to patented innovations in relation to products, industrial manufacturing and logistics:

  • first rimless eyewear made of 100% polyamide
  • first spectacle frames to dispense with screws
  • first manufacturer of modular eyewear frames
  • exclusive designs that offer an optimal balance between stability, flexibility and comfort
  • first CNC-controlled drilling technique for rimless eyewear
  • first industrial manufacture of optical eyewear (central labs)

The latest new development comes in the form of the SF fashion model.