kaenon-logoOne of our favorite sunglasses has made a comeback with a new improved version of its Soft Core by Kaenon. What is Kaenon’s   proprietary SR-91 Polarized lens you ask? Well, glass wasn’t strong enough. Polycarbonate wasn’t clear enough. Neither material allowed for adequate customization of tints and Light Transmission Levels. So they set out to develop their own, completely new polarized lens material. Kaenon’s proprietary SR-91 is the only polarized lens that combines the superior optical quality of the finest glass and the lightest weight, strength and impact resistance of polycarbonate. Only the best properties. No compromises. No short-cuts. Razor sharp clarity, ultra lightweight and impact resistance are some of the amazing qualities Kaenon offers.

The Kaenon Sunglass manufacturing process is designed from raw materials to final product. Watch how your Kaenon’s are made even down to the hand painted treatments on certain styles.