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Frederic Beausoleil created his first eyewear collection
in 1987, in Paris, in a shop where buffalo horn and genuine
turtle shell frames were handcrafted.
Today, Frederic Beausoleil frames are still crafted with
the highest regard for the traditional eyewear craftsmanship
while incorporating the latest techniques.

Creation is strength!
The strength to impose to oneself the respect of the finest
craftsmanship, the pursuit of the style that will sign this unique
First comes the inspiration. Then the research of the best
exclusive raw materials capable of translating the elegance
and sophistication of the design. Finally colors are added
to give life.

“I have created a refined and elegant collection mixing
the components of fashion, just like its demanding and inspired
clientele that is using accessories as a mean of identification
and recognition.”

“For all these reasons’ I love with passion my profession
where each season brings an opportunity to start anew the quest
for inspiration and renewal.”
“I hope this new collection will allow me to share my passion.”

The brand has won multiple awards worldwide, including “Best Women Eyewear of the Year” in TOKYO in 2006, “Best Sunglasses of the Year” in 2006 in Paris, or “Best Kids Eyewear of the Year” in 2000 and 2007 at the Silmo in Paris.